The 1bn Electrified Rail Vision For North Wales

North Wales is a wonderful place to live and work, with beautiful surroundings, excellent schools, and a peacefulness that’s hard to replicate. For many that are thinking of moving to the region, nothing is better than The View – a series of New Build Apartments Colwyn Bay. The View by Blue Bay Homes is the very epitome of what the company stands for; great value, tastefully constructed, luxuriously decorated, and the very best of quality, from top to bottom.  

North Wales isn’t half the trek to the cities as most think it is. The region links via the A55 to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester in less than 2 hours. The region offers a relaxing place that’s a little out of the way in order to enjoy life away from the cities, and not far away enough to feel like you’re spending more of your workday commuting to work, rather than being free to get on.

But what about those of us that would prefer not to drive? While it’s true that petrol prices have reached an all-time low, it might not be this way forever. That, and whether your other half needs the car for a few days a week or you just want to spend your commute to yourself with a book or otherwise, North Wales has something in the works which may enable even the most conservative and careful of people to make the jump to a better life and a better home in beautiful North Wales.

The £1bn rail vision for North Wales has recently been backed by senior figures from Manchester and Liverpool, including Manchester City Council leader Sir Richard Leese, and Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson.

Other figures of note backing the electrified line which is said to link North Wales to the planned HS2 Line between London and the North of England are Chris Ogleby, chairman of Manchester Science Partnerships and the chair of Merseytravel, Cllr Liam Robinson.

With such powerful figures, and 79 other business leaders standing firmly behind Growth Track 360 to secure these rail improvements, we’re certain it stands an extremely high chance of succeeding. The time to move to North Wales has never been better, so come and see if you can leave the rat race behind at the office, and find your family’s ideal coastal home.