New Obligations for Landlords in Wales

Property Renting
Since November 2015 new laws have been in place which involves new legal requirements for all landlords operating in Wales.

As of the 23rd November all landlords in Wales must now register and register their rental properties as well.

So Who Does This New Law Apply To?
•    Individual landlords
•    Company landlords
•    Anyone who owns a property they do not live in and allows other to live there and receives payment for this
•    If you own a property with someone else one of you will have to register on behalf of the others

What Does Registration Entail?
•    You must provide correspondence information
•    The address of all rental properties
•    You need to pay a registration fee
•    You must update the information on the register
•    If you are responsible for letting or managing the property, rather than using a licensed agency to do it for you, then you must get licensed

How Do I Get Licensed?
To become licensed under the new laws you need to undertake approved training. You can organise your training with Rent Smart Wales or other authorised provider.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Comply With New Regulations?Please be aware that since November 2015 there is a one-year period to allow everyone to get the required training, license and register. After that time if you do not comply with the new laws the local authority can take legal action against you.

Why Has The New Legislation Been Introduced?
This new legislation will hopefully improve management standards in the private rented sector and raise tenant confidence in landlords.

More Advice
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