Smart home technology more desired, with emphasis on kitchens

Smart home technology is considered an ‘appealing concept’ as discovered following a recent study by FfK. 

This resulted in almost 80% of consumers stating that they have an interest in how new technology can improve their home. 

While only 10% of people asked said that they knew a lot about smart home concepts, many do wish to adapt some form of it in the near future.

The study found that 43% of ‘leading edge consumers’ are the most likely to buy into new technology, with smart appliances leading the line in the most appealing category. 

From the cohort of consumers, 47% said a lack of knowledge on what smart home technology is was the main barrier for making purchases. 33% said that the main issue was cost and 24% stated privacy concerns being their main barrier.

Smart home technology is difficult to implement, as every home is different – as are the needs of the occupants. Technology inside of the home must be simple and seamless, whereby the home dweller must have the most positive and life enhancing experience possible. Encouraging mass market take-up, manufacturers must communicate the fully realised smart home clearly and convey the needs of its occupants.

There are a large number of inventions and systems that have come about following the arrival of smart home technology, with the likes of clever fridges, app controlled appliances and the ability to make home change settings when you are not even there. 

LED lighting has also played a large part in the development of smart kitchens, of which it has catered for those that need a lighter kitchen during the evening for example, allowing easier cooking.

From having your coffee automatically prepared for you by the time you wake up, to being able to control your homes heating from the click of a button on your mobile, there are many exciting uses ahead that will change the way we enjoy our kitchens in Llandudno.

Greentree Kitchens Llandudno are an expert team of kitchen fitters that can work to ensure you have your ideal kitchen, no matter how big or small it may be. 

Smart kitchens are the perfect way to automate many day to day processes as well as to ensure you have the ideal kitchen upon which you can prepare your food and day to day routine with ease and can be incorporated to your new kitchen North Wales.

Image by 'chalonuk' / Licence