The top budget kitchen ideas

If you’re working on a small budget and you don’t need to completely replace your kitchen with a new one, then there are a few small changes and upgrades you can make that will completely transform your current kitchen. Fitted kitchens Llandudno offer their advice on how to deck out your kitchen to an affordable budget.


A few licks of paint across your walls and doors are much less expensive than replacing the entire kitchen – and a brilliant way to add colour and an overall refreshing vibe. The great thing about this is that you can do it yourself quite easily! Paint and prepare the surfaces, such as a primer or otherwise stated for the type of surface, before undertaking the painting process.

Feature wall

This is a great way to add colour to your kitchen. This can be done to add character to your kitchen and make a statement to those that pass through. Use colourful and patterned wallpapers that are designed for kitchen use. Common ideas include tiles and splash-backs to create a focal point. Affordable and commanding, this feature will transform your kitchen area.

Worktops and doors

These elements of the area require special attention, as they are incredibly important not only for its usage, but also for the way it affects the overall vibe of the place. There are various suppliers that can provide these products. Doors can cost upwards of £100, but are also available for as little as £10. Worktops usually start from £50. "You’ll need to consider the style you want, the, decide what fits and how practical it is" - fitted kitchens Llandudno.


Lighting, when done well can completely transform the way a room appears. Apply the right lighting in your kitchen that combines well with your surfaces and paint job, and you’re on to a winner. Spot lights and lights under counters are very modern, whereas those after a more country style could opt for pendant lighting. The use of lamps and individual lighting on certain surfaces and in certain areas can make a huge difference when executed well.


Replacing a dull old floor with a well-designed and appropriate new one will make the world of difference in your kitchen. As the floor takes up a large surface area in comparison to the rest of the kitchens interior, it has a heavy command over the way it appears and feels. If you’re after cheap options, vinyl flooring is a good choice that normally starts at £10 per square metre, whereas natural materials such as stone and wood being more expensive – anything from £20 to £100 as a start.


Installing tiles as a splash-back behind the cooker and around parts of the kitchen could lift an old look. You should be savvy with price, as you can get cheap tiles for under £15, but should use bold and colourful ones sparingly – alongside plain white ones that will create a striking look.