How to Find the Best Builders For Your Project

Alwyn Jones Builders in North Wales
When you are looking for builders in North Wales, it is difficult to find the right one for you. Whether your project is big or small, you need to make sure you have hired the best team in your area for the best possible outcome. In the long run this can be time and cost effective, without the worry of needing to go searching for a new firm.

Below we have some simple steps to consider when searching for your builders in North Wales:

·         Ask the builder how long they have been trading for. It is important to know your builders background before you start a contract with them, as well as a portfolio. Also ask what kind of experience they have in the area you need work with.

·         Check credentials such as building affiliations and trade associations and contact them to ensure they are a bona fide member. Membership of these is sought after and respected and also improves their reputation.

·         Get references. Call past clients and do your research on whether or not they have had a positive relationship with the builders and the reasons for their answers. You wouldn’t buy anything off Amazon without checking the review first, would you?

·         Get a full list of what is covered in the costs and what isn’t. This includes site maintenance, supplies, materials, clearance and anything else you can think of. Get their answer in writing for confirmation and something to refer back to at a later date. Also it would be an intelligent move to get confirmation as to whether planning permission is required, and if they will need to apply for building regulations approval.

·         Avoid VAT free deals – if there’s no proof of payment you do not have a valid contract.

·         Be thorough about the details. The contract should outline what needs to be done, important dates (start and completion), security, safety, cost of work, materials, payment, catering, lavatory arrangements for builders, hours of work and waste disposal.

·         Keep money simple – be straight about it with the builder and have it in writing specifics detailed.
·         Avoid paying cash upfront or a deposit. It should not be needed except in special circumstances. For example, if it is going to take a very long time to complete or if there’s specialist building materials.

·         Guarantees. Are they offering guarantee on a large scale job, if it’s a new build, you’ll need a guarantee on such a property.

·         Is the builder insured? They should have enough cover to protect themselves against property damage and personal and public liability, to protect you and the public in case of injury or harm.