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When you are choosing K Rend for the exterior render of your property you have a great choice in colour range, texture and design so how do you know what will work best?

​One of the K Rend textures available is the Silicone Thin Coat. It has a fine texture to its finish and is available in two sub textures: TC15 and TC30. These codes refer to the maximum particle size within the mix.

Another option is the Silicone Scraped Texture. The scraped texture offers a dynamic finish which is obtained by floating the mix to a level surface then scraping over the render while it is still not set hard. The objective is to remove 2mm to deliver a uniformity to the overall textured result.

There is actually a choice of four products within this texture range alone.

• Silicone FT
• Silicone Spray E Grade
• New Silicone K1
• K1 Spray

If you are unsure which product will deliver which texture head to your local K Rend suppliers like Richard Williams Builder’s Merchants in North Wales, their friendly staff will explain the difference and best methods of application.

If you desire that traditional pebble stone dash appearance try the Silicone Dash Receiver range. Its pebble dash appearance is achieved by applying the receiver and then throwing the aggregate onto the surface while the receiver is still wet.

Once again K Rend provides a wealth of choice even within texture ranges. There are 3 products within this range:

• Silicone Dash
• Overcoating Silicone Dash
• Silicone Spray Dash

Another option is Silicone Roughcast. It is very similar to the pebble dash finish but offers a more painted pebble dash result.

​If you love a brick finish K Rend even has a solution for that with the Brick Rend texture. The method is to apply two different coloured coats, wet on wet. The top coat is then cut through to expose the mortar layer. The mortar joints create a brick effect finish.

Once you have chosen your texture there is a wide colour range of 20 different shades to choose from as well as different design features available from K Rend to make your property finish extra special. To find out more about the different options with K Rend design contact your local supplier Richard Williams K Rend Suppliers in North Wales for advice or pop to either of their branches in Llandudno Junction or Ruthin for a chat.