Invest in Healthy Eating Appliances

Sous Vide
There’s a selection of showrooms featuring fantastic fitted kitchens in North Wales and across the UK, many of which host a number of quality kitchen appliances to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re considering opting for the lifestyle of healthy eating, but don’t want to be tempted by the convenience of placing pizza and chips in the oven, then there’s a few appliances you should introduce yourself to.

Steam and Sous Vide cookery is the way forward for domestic cookery applications. You can create perfectly bakes, roasts and scrumptious slow cooks every time with the use of these units.

Why is this good for your food? Well, steam penetrates food and transfers heat evenly and efficiently. The highly saturated atmosphere also stops food from drying out, whilst still giving you that perfect colour on your roast potatoes and meats. Great for the ideal Sunday Lunch, wouldn't you agree?

The efficient conduction reduces cooking time, which keeps the vibrant colour in your vegetables, stops food from getting a mushy texture and also prevents breakdown of essential vitamins.

If you love the finish you get on your meat from slow-cooking, then Sous Vide ovens are what you need. You can cook your steaks to perfection over three hours, with precise 1 degree Celsius increments of temperature.

If you are a Sous Vide enthusiast, then you may have come across vacuum packing, which is available at industry grade for your home. You can waste less and eat fresh more often, simply by storing your perishables in an oxygen free and sterile environment.

Lastly, steam ovens by AEG which are supplied by Greentree Kitchens offer a dehydration function. Dehydration is a powerful, yet underused tool when cooking in a household. Ways of preserving food in a healthy way is a topical subject. You can preserve your own supplies, make healthy snacks and reduce your household waste with the use of food dehydration.

There’s no need to worry about losing flavours, as you can dry mushrooms, stocks and vegetables for intense flavouring and quick to hand ingredients. There are so many benefits to utilising the correct tools in the kitchen, to ensure you are eating healthy, reducing household waste and increasing sustainability.