Benefits of a Roof Truss & Some Interesting Info!

Roof trusses are prefabricated, measured and fitted wooden support beams which support the roofing structure of a traditional style building.  Roof trusses allow flexibility in design and are also very visually appealing in a rustic/ornate way.

Cost effectiveness
Roof trusses are considered a cost effective method of securing roof installation. Long clear spans can be achieved at an economic rate. This way trusses can span 10-15 metres without any need for internal support. Open plan homes suit this method exceptionally.

Eases the process.
Piece of mind for building authorities and certifying engineers
With development, it alleviates the need for any designers or engineers to prepare detailed specifications concerning roof, floor and wall parts.  Conventional roof building today leaves an awful lot up to chance and the builder’s opinion. In terms of the roof’s strength. However, a trussed roof system is designed beforehand by engineers; this accommodates a specified roof design and meets all building codes. This ensures a uniform size and roof pitch, less can go wrong.

Aesthecally pleasing
Roof Trusses are more and more considered to be very handsome when left exposed in a natural fashion, and can even be a wonderful decorative piece.

Built offsite
Trusses are delivered the site, all ready to install which minimises complications on the day. Unlike other materials which re supplied on site for stick built construction, trusses are specially designed for each and every job. Materials are much less likely to be subjected to thievery.  Production of trusses takes place off site which means that it will not be subjected to site conditions. (Weather conditions, space etc.)

Roof trusses and their systems allow for almost any kind of custom roof design and shape imaginable; this allows features such as cross gables and cathedral ceilings, all without being prohibitively expensive.