Rock Armour: How does it Protect Your Home?

Rock Armour in North Wales
During torrential weather on the coastline, there’s always the chance that household damage can be caused by high waves that manage to overcome the sea defences in place. You only have to look at the storms from later last year, to see how suddenly dramatic weather can cause havoc.

Since then, many local councils across the United Kingdom have been turning to the experts in sea defense, to try and make as many fortifications to their seafronts as possible. All too often during the storms, there were reports of defences being breached and homes being damaged; you may even recall the dramatic sight of whole towns in London being underwater. The government moved slowly to amend the destruction and it must be said that most of it could have been avoided if they had taken the precautions.

Precautions such as implementing high quality rock armour in North Wales and across other coastal regions of the country. If the name doesn't sound familiar then the image certainly will. Beaches across the country are slowly filling up with large rock formations by the seafront wall and for good reason.

Also known as riprap, shot rock or rubble, rock armour is a highly- durable collection of different rocks which are placed in a tight formation to each other. This then acts to effectively negate the power of strong waves and to stop them from creeping over the top of sea walls. The rocks themselves absorb some of the water and the gaps within the formation act to interrupt a quick flow.

Consisting of granite or limestone, rock armour isn't just limited to the coast in its usage as its effectiveness has been proven with steambeds, pilings and bridge abutments. You may also find them (in much smaller quantities) in waterways and canals. Rock armour also acts as a shield for erosion, as it will take the brunt of the saltwater from incoming waves. 

Thanks to these reasons and many more, councils across the country have been scrambling around trying to plug up any weaknesses in coastal defences. This is by implementing armour since the storms began. Transporting and acquiring the large boulders is a different matter altogether, as they will have had to contact specialist contractors for the job.

Jennings Building and Civil Engineering are one such company whose services have been in high demand for rock armour in North Wales and beyond. They have many contacts in quarries across the world, so they’re never lacking in high quality boulders. One of their biggest orders was for an impressive 250,000 tonnes of boulders in Fleetwood.

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