How to Improve Your Property with Liquid Screed

Liquid Screed for Under Floor Heating
Homeowners can often find selling their property very difficult. Trying to get people to view the house, then providing them with the grand tour that hopefully will impress them can often be a lengthy process. The real difficulty comes with acting on any issues that prevent you from actually selling the property. There are a number of small factors you can implement to make a home suitable for purchase. Simply cleaning the property from head to toe can play a huge part, but also providing quality finishes and installments to rooms can be the challenge that pays off.

Underfloor heating is a big selling point with a lot of buildings. Whether a house or a commercial building, it’s an element of a building that offers something new, efficient and desirable. Liquid screed has revolutionised underfloor heating systems, allowing for fast installation and smooth, leveled screeds. 

Liquid screed has been used for over 15 years throughout the UK, for big projects in the public sector to small built projects at home. It provides you with the highest quality floor finish available, but the perks don’t stop there. Liquid screed has up to a 30% increase in thermal efficiency making your underfloor heating even better. There’s speedy application with minimum mess and it also dries quickly enough to walk on within 48 hours.

A valued floor screed plays the role of conducting the heat evenly across the surface of the floor, without producing any hot or cold spots. This makes for an environmentally friendly and economical space, with cost-effective benefits in the long run. It helps retain heat for longer hours which reduces the energy required at the source and improves the energy efficiency of the underfloor heating system.

There are many ways to improve your home, not just visually but in ways that benefit the homeowners themselves. The option of underfloor heating provides an additional element to a home which isn't visible for all to see, but it’s a noted selling point which can increase the value of a place instantly. The luxury sense of UFH is enough to please viewers alone, but the idea of reaping in the benefits through saving pennies in the long run is also desirable to many.