Eco Joist
Eco Joists from Aber Roof Truss is an alternative to the more traditional solid joist. The Eco Joist consist of top and bottom timber flanges, joined together with galvanised 'V' shape steel webbing. They can either span between the wall construction or block work. The fact that they are made from galvanised steel instead of a wooden design allows for it to be less likely to ruin or loosen over time on account of servicing or alterations made to the truss. Instead the webbing can be easily worked around alter the set up without risking serious damage.

A few reasons to choose an Eco-Joist include:
The open webs gives easy access for servicing, electrical wiring, water pipes and even sewer pipes can run straight through quite easily. This eliminates need for drilling etc which can loosen joists over time.
Many tradesmen can work simultaneously in this type of Roof Truss.
They are light, robust and easy to install.
Once site dimensions are given these Eco-Joists are measured to size.
They are a lot stronger than the traditional Trusses which means less call out for cracked ceilings etc.

Eco-Joists are a great option for a long lasting truss that is easy to work upon efficiently. Maybe prefer them due to their strength but there are many factors in play when choosing thr right truss for your building. Aesthetics, materials, strength, ease. Aber Roof Trusses have worked with many different kinds of truss and so can give expert advice if you are unsure which is best for your property.

Aber Roof Truss now able to manufacture Eco-Joists at incredibly competitive prices for any project no matter the size. Pricing is an important factor for many when choosing a roof truss so be sure to check which kinds of truss are the best value for money.

For more information about Eco-Joists contact Aber Roof Truss Ltd.