Carbon Neutral Methods for Construction in North Wales

construction in North Wales
Greener building methods are becoming more important for construction in North Wales.

Construction work is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.  It is also impossible not to impact in some way on the aesthetic beauty of the environment during most construction projects since any work on former green sites will destroy a part of the natural environment, unless building work takes place on brown field sites.  There is, however, construction taking place by companies in North Wales who care about the environment and are making it a top priority to reduce any negative impact on the environment caused by their construction work.

Hopefully, as environmental awareness spreads we will see more companies working to develop and employ greener building techniques throughout the country.

Here in North Wales, considerable effort by some companies is going into sustainable building.  Sustainable building means using building methods that draw on sustainable products and are as gentle on the environment as possible, significantly reducing damage and greenhouse gases.

How are some of these pioneering companies developing sustainable building methods?

Reducing and recycling are two key factors in sustainable building for construction in North Wales.  Reduction techniques look to the whole life of the construction project. It is pointless if the construction process aims to have little environmental impact in the building phase but then the building itself is extremely wasteful of energy. Reduction looks at the finished project to be energy efficient for the life of the property. This is achieved by using green building technology, the finished property using renewable energy sources and energy efficient materials.  Passive design using natural ventilation where possible and practical is also an effective reduction method.

Recycling in the construction process is fairly obvious and fortunately more widely taken into account in the modern construction industry. Using timber from sustainable forests, recycled stone and as few raw materials as possible in the building phase goes a long was to making construction more environmentally considerate and ethical.

Apart from reduction and recycling the most important factor in construction is to limit the creation of greenhouse gases.  Developing carbon neutral operations is one the most important investments a construction company can make.  Other ways to reduce the carbon footprint is to use ‘carbon capturing’ methods.  Planting trees is a brilliant way to capture carbon, transforming it into oxygen and returning value to the environment to offset the construction effects.

If you are looking to build but care about environmental impact then use construction companies that employ sustainable building methods.