DIY Ideas for your Perfect Bathroom

Plumbing Llandudno
You can achieve a unique, stylish bespoke bathroom with materials all available at RN Williams plumbers and builders mechants Denbighshire

Living in North Wales you do not have to settle for standard or dull bathrooms that are all the same. Getting a new bathroom may seem hard work and expensive so instead you can opt for a few handy DIY ideas and your bathroom could easily become a spa haven.

There are plenty of styles of showers, shower screens, door and cubicles, bathtubs, tiling or why not try a wood bathroom? If you prefer a more unusual bathroom, plumber’s merchants can supply all different kinds of taps, brassware, all the fittings and bathtubs in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the parts separately from a plumber’s merchants makes it easier for you to mix and match and express yourself.

Bathrooms are no longer just a place to wash in they are an escape and a statement of style and beauty. These simple DIY tips can transform your bathroom and home.

Bright, light or dark- You can dramatically change the feel of a room by altering the colour scheme. If you are bored of your bathroom and want a very simple and easy change head to your local builders, timber and plumber’s merchants and pick up a few paints. If you have a big bathroom with lots of natural light opt for pale, neutral colours like white or pale green to accentuate its natural beauty and airy qualities. You could add plants to your bathroom to create the illusion of a garden bathroom.

If your bathroom is smaller light colours can make it appear larger as can the use of mirrors but do not be afraid to try other themes and be unique. Why not be daring with a very bright and vibrant colour scheme? Convert your bathroom to bright yellow and blue for a tropical lemon theme or deep red for a luxurious touch. A few inexpensive accessories added to your new colours will add to the effect.

If you have a small bathroom there is no need to fear dark colours if you go for dark lights too! This may seem an odd concept but club bathrooms are all the rage in trendy bars and restaurants right now! Transform the bathroom into a club spa atmosphere with midnight colours schemes such as dark blue or purple and highlight this with subtle glitter shimmers or silver chrome fixtures. Use low lighting as in a club with toned down LEDs and then add translucent, dark shower curtains to catch the subtle light effects. A little incense and lighting to illuminate the water flow areas such as from the taps or shower will finish this mystical theme in your new chic bathroom.  

Space- Luxury and space go hand in hand. To give your bathroom a new look emphasis the space. Wall mounted furniture creates more floor space and the bathroom appears bigger. You can also try sinks with half pedestals to conceal pipe work which makes the bathroom look neater and more spacious.  

Wet Rooms- Wet rooms are very popular right now but this endeavour may be quite the DIY challenge depending on your bathroom layout if you are not a builder or experienced in DIY. When in doubt head to plumber’s merchants in Llandudno as they offer more than just the materials. They can give you in depth advice on methods, techniques and the easiest way to achieve the desired effect for your bespoke bathroom. To get you started you should know you need a shower tray with a low profile or one that is level with the floor. If you do not have this you will need a wet room drainage system put in place. Anti slip tiles and a power shower are recommended too. The appeal of wet rooms is that you have no shower curtains or doors. There is lots of space and the whole bathroom is part of the shower in a way. It looks particularly stylish with a stone finish to the walls and floor. 

Achieve a bespoke bathroom from plumbers and builders merchants North Wales, and do not be afraid to express your tastes.