Buying and moving into a new house over an old one

A big question that presents itself to many people when it comes to house buying is ‘new or old’?

There are of course advantages to each of these options, along with negatives. Sometimes an older house will have more character, but a new home has less destruction and is a much better environment for easy and healthy living. When debating between old and new, consider the points within this article that may convince you to consider house developers Deganwy.

When buying a new home, you can be pretty sure you’re getting a house in excellent condition

We all hear horror stories where we buy something used, only to find out that it has plenty of hidden problems. This kind of thing doesn't just happen with electronics and cars, but also to houses. You may buy a house and come to find that the plumbing doesn't work properly. Alternatively, you may find that once the cold weather kicks in, you’re house becomes unbearably cold due to poor insulation, heating systems and windows. The best thing about buying new instead of old is that you are pretty much assured of no problems like these.

Things aren't going to break so easily

It’s a fact of life, the older something is, the more likely it is to give up or break. Old homes are renowned for having more problems than new build homes, from every day wear and tear, to the erosion of the roof, leakages and a backyard full of weeds.

Renovations will be minimal

One of the best thing about a brand new house is that there is no need to renovate – at least for a number of years. An older house may be cheaper on the front, but will not necessarily work out cheaper once all of the renovations to bring it up to scratch are completed. Moving house alone is stressful enough, so the last thing you need is to move in and then spend months renovating various sections of it.

Decorating can be done exactly as you like

When you opt to buy a new build home, you can have first dibs on how everything looks. Whether you are after a certain theme throughout the house, or varied design for each room, you can certainly have it your way. A new build home is a lot like a blank canvas, which you can use our creativity and taste to have it your way.

A new house will appreciate

Usually, people don’t spend their whole lives in one house. If you move, you’ll probably upgrade or downgrade for varying reasons – which will mean you will probably have to sell your house. A new house will generally sell a lot easier than an older house – and will even have prospect of increasing in value. An old house however, may well do the opposite, giving you and your bank balance something you will not like!

Beech Developments are house developers Deganwy that offer a range of beautiful new build homes that will set you up for a successful future of living. Whether you’re starting a family, raising a family or fancy a quiet and beautiful home to enjoy yourself, there is a new home for everyone.