Why should you buy a new build home?

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Although purchasing and moving into an older home may look like a good investment, it may not take too long to realise that you may very well have made a poor decision!

In second hand properties, it is common for faults and failures to occur in essential parts of the home, such as old windows, boilers, insulation and more, that can present an unwelcome expense.

When you buy a brand new house, you are usually presented with a much easier and positive experience, leading to a wonderful time in your new property. When buying a second hand home, you may have a hint of doubt that you are forced to deal with and later regret, whilst possible dealing with owners forcing you into paying prices and bidding out of your comfort zone. New homes developer Conwy shed some light on why you should consider a new build over an old property when you buy.

A Fresh Start

A brand new home is a fresh start for absolutely anybody. You can decorate every room exactly how you want. You won’t have to worry about past owners take on the house that you really can’t stand. You’ll have the say on every aspect of the home, from the d├ęcor in each bedrooms, to the important decisions including carpets, curtains, bathrooms and even the kitchen worktops.

As well as having the house looking exactly how you want it, a brand new home can actually be very kind on the pocket as well. Newly built homes are much better insulated that older property, with all new builds coming with state of the art double glazing as standard. This means your heat will be retained much better, saving you money on heating bills.

Help out Mother Nature

If you've been worried about global warming, then you’ll be able to sit back and remember that your new build houses are much kinder on the environment, as efficient boilers, heaters and insulation that mean you don’t have to waste electricity and gas. Most new homes now come with an energy rating certificate, which means that you can be sure that you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint and helping to sustain and save the planet we live on.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

If helping the environment alone doesn't give you a great night’s sleep, then the top notch security of a new build will! New homes are extremely safe and much more secure than old properties. Fire safety, is increased hugely through state of the art smoke alarms, fire doors and fire retardant materials used throughout the building of your home. The architectural design of new homes and new extensions must abide by rigorous fire safety standards, which greatly increases your chance of escape should a fire break out.
Most builders will include security locks, burglar alarms and security lighting as part of your standard specification, so you can guarantee you’ll have all the latest safety features.

Getting a Good Deal

Building a new home offers plenty of flexibility, which allows you to open negotiation into the new property. You can negotiate financial incentives, bonuses like wood flooring throughout the property, curtains and carpets fitted special features and specific landscaping when talking to new homes developers.
Some new home developers will even include fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and much more, so bare this in mind when inquiring about a new home and the price.

No Property Chain

When you buy a new build home, you don’t have to wait for the nightmare process of waiting for the current owners to go and find somewhere else, deal with the complications surrounding the hand over and much more. Once you agree on a move in date, nothing should stand in your way, so always go to a solicitor to get advice and help surrounding the acquiring of a new home.

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