The 12 reasons to use an Estate Agent when selling your home (& questions to ask)

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Selling a property can be tough for someone who has never done it before, so using an estate agent is usually the best solution. A good estate agent can help reduce your stress levels throughout the process with their knowledge, expertise and experience, guiding you through the process.

Here we have compiled what we think are the main reasons, points and questions to ask and use an estate agents. Remember you’re working together!

1. Why use an agent?
When you use an agent, you are effectively employing a qualified agent to promote, negotiate and make the sale of your property. They often have great negotiating skills, the ability and tools to market your property to the widest possible audience and the experience of managing the sale process.

2. Agent fees
Make sure you find out the agent fees before you start to selling process. Typically they will range from 0.5% to 3%. Some agents will be negotiable with their fees, whilst others will not. Either way, it is worth asking about as you can find the best deal.

3. Experience
When it comes to property sales experience, estate agents will most definitely have more than your friends. It’s likely that an Estate Agent has sold hundreds of properties before, so they’ll know what they’re doing. Ask to see if they have sold a house on your road or in your area before. What price did they achieve and what is the current market like for your type of property?

4. The asking price
The asking price is a really important factor that must be got right. This is one of the main factors that attract interest. You should do your own research into your property price and then request at least three separate agents to come and value your home. There are tools online that can also help, so finding a figure that represents all of the information you've acquired will be your best bet.

5. Marketing your property
You should always make sure that you find out where and how your property will be advertised. Over 80% of buyers are now starting their house hunt online, so find out if you’ll be found on the internet. Will they place a board outside? Where else will they advertise? You need to know that there is enough marketing material to justify using them.

6. Terms and Conditions
Estate Agents will need you to sign a contact with their terms and conditions on. You should make sure you read and understand all of the points that may be covered. You have to know about changing agents, additional fees, joint rates etc. so don’t hesitate to read it all and ask about it.

7. Agent Relationships
Buying and selling houses is all about people, relationships and communication. How you handle those relationships is the key to an easy sale and hand over selling experience. You should know that your estate agent has your best interest at heart.

8. Listen to their advice
After all, they know best. They will offer you straight talking advice which could effectively make the difference between a sale and a lead that gets away. They may suggest a few upgrades or touch ups that can make your home much more appealing. A new bookcase and a little organisation in the garden could be all it takes. Listen to them; they know what they’re talking about!

9. Work with your agent, not against
A good agent will make the effort to give you the best advice and service they can. They will want to work well with you, not against you, to get you through a quick, easy and pleasant sale. Try to be as accommodating as possible with house viewing arrangements; after all they are trying to sell your home for you! Some agents will say it’s not a good idea for owners to be present at viewings, whereas others will say it is. Depending on what they say will determine what you should do. Trust them.

10. The offer
Usually, a buyer will launch an offer below the asking price, unless they just want it over and done with. Don’t be disheartened by this, as your agent will know the best strategy to get the best deal for both parties. Depending on how attitude and signs change - will depend on what happens from here. You have full input into any decision making.

11. The survey
Most buyers will have a surveyor look around and examine your property. This can make another hurdle in selling your property as you will be notified of issues that may justify a decreased offer. You and your estate agent will work together to have answers and solutions, and even avoid these issues should you communicate effectively.

12. The exchange and completion date
When an offer is agreed, it’s easy to think everything done. Your estate agent will guide you through the finalization stage, including contracts, the hand over and move in dates. Solicitors are used to finalize these processes so researching and speaking to your agent at this point is best practice.
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