Save Money by Using LED Rope lights on Your Christmas Tree

LED rope lights have been causing a stir in the world of Christmas lights as they are being used as the bulb of choice to decorate Christmas trees in millions of homes and public places all over the world. Why are LED rope lights so popular with householders this Christmas? Find out how investing in LED rope lights and lighting could save you time as well as money as well as being kinder to the environment.

Even President Obama is a Fan!
LED rope lights consumes 80 per cent less energy than their light bulb counterparts and the fact that they are cheaper in the long term for consumers has won LED rope lights lots of fans.The most famous fan of all is President Obama who has chosen to decorate the American National tree which stands in the Whitehouse grounds in 450 LED rope lights and 120 LED star shaped ornaments.  Even the president of the USA is switching from the standard incandescent bulb to new technology in LED lights.

Scientifically Proven to Consume Less Energy
LED rope lights are scientifically proven to consume a mere 4,000 watts compared to the 20,000 in a standard incandescent light bulb. It doesn’t make sense that people choose to pay more by using normal light bulbs when they could be saving money by using LED lighting technology today.Overall they are 90% more economical than standard light bulbs!

The all Important Aesthetics
LED rope lights are actually a lot brighter than normal bulbs and their increased visibility in a diverse range of colours means they are very attractive to consumers. The vivid colours are guaranteed to last longer than standard bulbs with LED rope lights delivering 25,000 hours of life on average. Even though LED lights are more expensive than  your average Christmas lights the price margins are getting lower and lower each year because of the popularity of LED lights and the long term economic and environmental benefits that they deliver to consumers.  

Safety First
LED’S are brighter so they must be hotter right? Wrong! LED’s actually run cooler than their bulb counterparts because a standard bulb loses energy through the initial heating process. If everyone switched to LED rope lights on their Christmas tree think of how many electrical fires could be prevented. The bulbs in LED lights are also made of plastic and they do not break as easily as standard bulbs. LED lights are actually safer to use around children because if they touch them by accident they will not be burnt or injured.  LED rope lights are a memorable addition to any Christmas tree!