Quick Questions For A Potential Architect

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You may have reached a point where you are unhappy with your current home. You may not have enough space, or you may have ideas about expanding a specific room simply to enhance your property and increase its value. So it is absolutely essential to create a structured list of questions to ask yourself and to ask architects in Cheshire and surrounding areas when considering a major home improvement.

  • How realistic is my requirement?

  • Have you undertaken projects similar to my project?

  • Could you show me a portfolio of work similar to my project?

  • Do you have any client references and testimonials I could see?

  • Is my project something your firm would be passionate to complete?

  • What challenges could you see during the completion of my project?

  • Could you give me an estimated timescale?

  • At what point would I get to see design work?

  • What will I be expected to do during the project?

  • Will construction be disruptive towards me, the public or environment?

  • What input do you have with construction? Would I deal with you or the contractor directly?

  • Do you incorporate “green” or sustainable design methods?

  • Do you integrate low or no cost “green” strategies into your projects?

  • How do you determine your fees?

  • What is included into your basic service and do you have any additional fees?

  • If the project is changed in anyway throughout the process, will there be additional fees?

What can also be incredibly beneficial, and happens to be completely free of charge, is to ask friends or family for references/experiences with local firms, and browse their portfolio/website, and then you should get a very good idea on whether this architect is suitable for you. We hope this has been of use to you on your search for an architect in Cheshire.