How to look after your Wooden Greenhouse Staging

Using wooden greenhouse staging brings along a number of benefits that can help your greenhouse stay tidy and allow your plants to grow healthily to reach their full potential.

Keen gardeners will understand that to grow a wide range of plants well, it can be hard work - but very rewarding. There are many different tools and pieces of equipment that a gardener will use, each of which will need a place to stay! This often means that the greenhouse area plays home to a host of equipment, often enough causing pile ups and random distribution of tools around the greenhouse. This means that you aren't clear on where everything is when you need something and also means you can’t give your plants the appropriate care and the area to grow that they require. For this problem, the use of greenhouse staging is most definitely the best solution.

Once you have wooden greenhouse staging, you should ensure that you know how to use and look after it in the most effective manner. One of the main problems experienced by wooden greenhouse staging owners is damp and mould  This is often due to exposure to water, so ensuring you don’t spill water on the staging is important, as well as ensuring that rain cannot directly reach your greenhouse staging. In the summer, your greenhouse will become very humid, which will increase the risk of your wooden greenhouse staging getting damaged, as it can make wood brittle and less sturdy. Adding extra ventilation during these times will increase air circulation and also reduce the risk of damp, mould and plat disease taking place in your greenhouse, affecting those impressive plants.

If you are looking for wooden staging that has got a long life span, cedar wood staging could be your best selection. This wood is one of the most easy to maintain, as it is rot-resistant meaning you won’t have to replace it as fast as various other types. Cedar wood also looks great, so you can be sure that getting one will make your greenhouse look great inside! Although it can be a more expensive option in the wooden greenhouse staging market, it is the best choice for those after a something looking top quality and durable.

Regular maintenance inside your greenhouse will help keep your staging at its best, as clutter will be sorted away into organized area, allowing you easy and clear access to certain tools. By doing this, as well as ensuring there is good air circulation, you reduce the risk of mould and mildew building when and potentially causing damage inside the greenhouse. You should always remember to remove any dead plants or used equipment to reduce wood rotting, animal infestations and other issues commonly experienced in gardening and greenhouses. Many types of wooden staging have slatted surfaces, offering extra ventilation for plants and helping to reduce the risk of wood becoming damaged by mould or mildew.