North Wales Construction Industry

The North Wales Construction Industry is seeing a steady growth and maintenance, as firms continue to secure both short and long term contracts to help continue building and renovating public, private and commercial areas.

Investment from the Welsh Government into various public projects has kept construction companies and their employees busy all year round, with money being invested in renovating many of North Wales’ public facilities to help drive tourism into the area.

Many of Wales’ main railways stations are being renovated by local construction companies to help give visitors a fantastic first impression upon arrival into the area. Stations such as Llandudno (£5.1m) and Rhyl (£2.5m) are set to have construction work done, funded by the Welsh Government, the European Regional development Fund and various rail groups.

As education continues to be an important area of interest for the Welsh Government - many schools, colleges and universities are seeing investment into their facilities, which are completed by local construction companies. Schemes seen across the UK which allow empty houses to be renovated and new houses to be built, mean that construction workers are being kept busy all around the clock, meaning that employees are required day in and day out, which helps fight unemployment problems found within the North Wales area and United Kingdom as a whole.

Although there is plenty of work on for many construction companies, the call for more government schemes such as the ‘NewBuy’ scheme seen in England is being called upon. This scheme allows new houses to be built and bought by people with slightly lower deposits than normal, helping to get people onto the property market, which would prove to be beneficial to both the property and construction industries of the area.

As established businesses are given the chance to expand, and micro businesses are allowed to grow, construction in the area could be called upon for new infrastructure that helps create more jobs, opportunities and a better economy.