Brenig Construction Commence Phase 2 at Gwel y Castell, Llandudno Junction

Brenig Construction has recently won the 2nd phase at Gwel y Castell, Llandudno Junction. Beech Developments have finished phase 1 at the site near Marl Drive. They have furthered their great reputation as a Beech Developments with a great example of architecture, sublime landscaping and forward thinking planning.

Brenig works across a spectrum of different projects from bespoke housing regeneration schemes through to complex engineered marine developments. In completing phase 2, Brenig Construction will be conducting earthworks, installing foul water systems and services, laying access roads and conducting work on the element of open space which is synonymous with the site. The largest of the operations will be creating a retaining wall, called the Redi-rock wall, which when complete will measure around 50 metres in length.

They now have the first batch of 58 homes on the market – all offering individual features and available at a range of reasonable prices. Gwel y Castell is completely private and is at the forefront of innovative new home development. Upon entering the site you quickly realise that this is a well thought out idea. Their intent to provide a high quality landscape and a high spec, top level environment is easily seen. The tree lined avenues are picture perfect.

But it’s not all about aesthetics at this scheme – all individuals that are involved are looking towards the future. Energy costs will be significantly reduced for home owners of Gwel y Castell – due to advanced building fabric insulation and solar panels that come as standard on each property.

These individuals will save money on electric bills each and every year, but sustainable homes offer much more than that. They give individuals the opportunity to live a more sustainable lifestyle whilst ensuring a brighter future for the next generation.

Brenig Construction is an ultra forward thinking company when it comes to environmental issues. They work with CEEQUAL and BREEAM standards to aim towards full usage of renewable or recycled materials, to further develop and stringently implement carbon neutral operations and to both reduce and eliminate any waste.