Building Contractors in North Wales

In 1983 Alwyn Jones Ltd was set up and now spans many construction disciplines. Alwyn Jones Ltd is regarded as one of the top Building Contractors in North Wales and takes on work for households and commercial engineering contracts.

Having completed a diverse range of building projects over the past 28 years, including extensions on residential properties to large commercial and civil complexes, Alwyn Jones Ltd have extensive experience and offers a wide range of services for clients of any size. They have been involved with the residential sector in North Wales since the company began, from New Build to constructing lean-to structures.

The commercial sector has given Alwyn Jones Ltd a lot of experience in North Wales, having constructed a large range of commercial buildings, specialising in Steel Framed Construction they have a Commercial Property Maintenance department, handling the maintenance of a wide range of business properties throughout North Wales.

Their Civil Engineering Department can handle a large variety of civil contracts throughout North Wales and the surrounding area. Their personnel are highly qualified and provide a great amount of knowledge and experience to any project they undertake.

They are also Public Road Works certified, having completed contracts throughout North Wales, such as Access Road Work. They also have skills and expertise in other building and construction areas, such as Waste Water Management, Sewage Works and Sewage Systems Installation and Maintenance. They also specialise in different types of concrete structures, such as retaining walls, tanks and flooring.

There services also include demolition and building conservation, specialising in Building Dismantling and Demolition projects; both small and large scale.

As well as all the services listed above they also offer a complete range of plant vehicles available for hire, as one off or longer term contracts. This service offers the delivery and return of a vehicle by Alwyn Jones Ltd or can be picked up. Vehicles include Small Tracked Excavator, JCB 3CX and 360E in a range of sizes. All vehicles come with fully trained and licensed operators.