Solar Panels North Wales

DB Solar, installers of Solar Panels North Wales and Cheshire. Solar Panels have become increasingly popular in recent years due to a wide range of benefits that they bring which includes a reduction in energy bills and carbon footprint, value added to your property and the government incentive ‘feed in tariff’ which enables you to make money on the electricity that you do not use.

DB Solar is a family run business who has installed a wide range of solar panels throughout North Wales and Cheshire. They pride themselves on personal customer service and being able to give sound technical advice on solar panels that are suitable for your property.

If you are considering Solar Panel Installation you first need to ask yourself a few questions:

• Is your home suitable for solar power?

• Is there any visible impact on my property from solar panels?

• How much does solar panel installation cost?

• What are the financial returns?

If you still wish to go ahead with Solar Panel installation then contact DB Solar today for more information on: 01745 332 408