Oak Roof Trusses

Oak Roof Trusses
Well if the title of this blog has caught your eye you are probably already aware of the WOW factor that Oak Roof Trusses have on a home.

Many people find themselves here because they are in the process of renovating or building their dream home. Whether the project at hand is restoring an old home or barn conversion or a new build modern home an Oak Roof Truss will definitely give the project that extra WOW and give the home a wonderful focal point.

Oak Trusses are usually made to specific design specifications. Drawings are normally sent through to the Roof Truss Manufacturer who then make the Roof Truss at their site and deliver it to the project within the deadline. Most Roof Trusses can be delivered to the site ready for installation in parts, this makes it easier for installation, however if the requirements are to have it already assembled then this is normally not a problem.

Once the Roof Truss is delivered to the site it is highly recommended that a fork lift truck is ready to lift the Truss especially if it is an Oak Truss as these are heavier than other timbers otherwise it would take many strong men (with strong back) to manoeuvre the Truss around.

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