Improve the look of your home with Paving Stones, Balustrades and Pillars

Improve the look of your Garden or Driveway with some top quality Paving Slabs, Balustrades and Ornamental Pillars.

There really is no need to be embarrassed about the state of your garden or driveway when you invite your friends & family around for that summer BBQ anymore!!

Monaprecast in a North Wales based company that manufacture paving blocks, concrete building blocks, balustrades and ornamental pillars Nationwide. They have a wide selection of top quality paving products to make your home look warm and inviting. All there paviours are manufactured to the highest standard and they come in a wide selection of colours. All the paving products are extremely durable, strong and sustainable.

Monaprecast has an extensive range of Balustrades that are specifically designed to perfectly complement each other. They are perfect for patios, edging and garden walls and give that pristine finishing touch to make your garden look 100% perfect.

There also specialise in the manufacture of decorative and concrete building blocks for all your building needs.