North Wales Demolition

Demolition is the opposite of construction. It’s where people take down buildings and other structures. This is usually done to make room to construct a newer improved building or structure. Demolition can be fairly simple but it can also be a complicated process where certain hazards and factors around the demolition site have to be taken into consideration.

Demolition usually involves an extremely controlled environment. Usually smaller building demolitions are broken down using cranes and also an excavator with demolition grab. Larger products may involve the use of a large wrecking ball which is swung on a crane, and as a last resort large buildings will be destroyed by building implosions. This however is the last resort as can be unpredictable and the building will be completely stripped before very few controlled explosions will be carefully added around the building, to bring it down as controlled as possible.

If you have decided you want a building or structure removed to make way for a new building, it is important to follow the correct steps to demolition. Factors around your building may affect your demolition plans, as things like pipelines, and other structures around your building need to be taken into consideration as to not destroy or disturb anything around your soon to be demolished building, as consequences could be highly expensive.

Alwyn Jones are a North Wales builders who specialise in North Wales demolition projects, and have the professional abilities and experience to help you with your North Wales demolition project. If your project involves careful demolition around other structures or pipelines Alwyn Jones has the equipment and experience in which to do this. They realise that disturbance within a pipeline could lead to water leaks and gas leaks to main utility supplies to the local area. Alwyn Jones specialises in remote working and demolition around pipelines. Alwyn Jones is also specialised in North Wales demolition projects which simply demolish residential properties to make way for a new modern home.