Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses are frames of kiln-dried, strength-graded timber that are joined together through steal nail plates to produce a structurally supporting strong shape, of a huge strength. Roof Trusses are individually designed to support the weigh of roof coverings, fabrics, ceilings, floors, plus other aspects of roofs such as weather factors.

Timber Roof Trusses can be used on a wide range of building types. Roof Trussing manufacturing is cost efficient, and design flexible compared to other methods of roof construction, and due to this is being chosen more frequently for not only private properties but, commercial and industrial buildings, such as hotels, offices, schools and other large buildings.

Aber Roof Truss can offer Roof Truss Design where others have failed, manufacturing industrial size, conceivable Trusses. The Trusses are designed according with the BS5268 part 3 1985. Their design team will design your Trusses using up to date software. The designs will include detailed calculations, sections and quality arrangement plans, including 3Dimensional views across construction. Once design has been completed all Trusses are manufactured using a computerised Randek SP728 Cut Saws. This ensures that perfection is reached during all possible cuts. Aber Roof Truss can manufacture any possible Truss design up to 17 metres long by 4.5 metres tall.

Aber Roof Truss can also manufacture Oak Roof Trusses. They have years of experience in creating beautiful, hand crafted Trusses, which create a visually stunning feature in any room. Aber Roof Truss offer customers many different timbers to suit their preferences. These include Fresh Green Oak, Air Dried Oak, Douglas Fir, and Pitch Pine, plus more.

Roof Trusses should be encouraged as they have a lot to offer compared to other traditional methods of roof construction. They are ideal for a different range of roof structures and building types. The Trusses will be manufactured and delivered to the building site, saving space, and simplicity. They are more energy efficient, and design flexible, suiting any needs. As well as this Aber Roof Truss also offer cost effectiveness, great client support, Crane off-load upon delivery, a quality end product, a fast turn around, and most importantly uses timbre only from companies that are PEFC certified. An organisation which promotes sustainably managed forests.