Social Housing and Affordable Housing: What’s the Difference?

Both social housing and affordable housing are in high demand in 2017, even though most people would struggle to tell the difference between them. Construction companies North Wales and Civil Engineering North Wales have committed themselves to assist with the housing deficit in North Wales and beyond, and as part of the Government’s acts to build new housing for those in need, new affordable housing is to be built as part of a widespread government initiative.

Construction firms within North Wales and beyond are poised to offer viable solutions to the housing shortfall.   

Affordable housing differs from traditional social housing by the virtue that it is split into varying subsections whereas traditional social housing approaches were seen as very much a one size fits all solution.

Social rented housing, affordable rented housing, and intermediate housing falls under the umbrella of affordable housing, and is provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the social housing market. The reason why affordable housing has been on the rise since 2013 is that the need for such has risen due to population growth and the lack of construction projects across the UK dating from the 80s.

As consequence to these two factors, house prices have increased quite dramatically (by the end of 2013 the average house price within the UK was £165,515) and has only gone up in recent years due to the continued housing shortfall. It is estimated that without affordable housing initiatives, this shortfall will reach 750,000 houses.

Measures to address this have been taken in areas such as North Wales. For instance, Brenig Construction were appointed by Cartrefi Conwy to provide affordable homes in Llanfairfechan.

17 one and two bedroom apartments were completed alongside 11 two and three bedroom houses, which were placed on the affordable housing market. This project marked the start of Cartrefi Conwy’s long-term plan to build 300 affordable houses across the North Wales region.