How to make the moving process as smooth as possible

Moving home is often considered one of the most stressful things you can do and according to Zoopla, the average Brit will move 8 times during their lifetime. This means a lot of stress, even for those who have done it a number of times before. We spoke to removal companies Wrexham, to find out what the recommend when it comes to making the moving process as smooth as possible.
Start packing as soon as you can – The best thing you can do to start packing as soon as you can with the items you don’t use so often. But be sure to build a system first so to save you time and energy when you finally move into your new home. Collect your used newspapers, magazines and bubble wrap which will be a great help when it comes to protecting your delicate possessions during packing. Mark your boxes on at least two sides so when it comes to the unloading, you can drop off the right boxes in the right rooms, making the unpacking process so much simpler.
Book your removals well in advance – To get the best deal, book your chosen removals as soon as you have a moving date. Last minute availability simply isn’t worth risking mishandling your worldly possessions for. Established removals are built on a reputation for moving your items, quickly and safely, using the correct equipment. They have the right experience to take the stress out of moving day
Notify Checklist – This step could save you save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. It’s so easy to forget about notifying every single utility provider, credit card company and subscription about your new moving day and new address, but you if you don’t, you could well be charged for services beyond your occupancy period in the property. And, the process to recover funds is troublesome, requiring documentation to prove departure from the property. Furthermore, having financial documentation delivered to the incorrect address is a gateway for fraudsters to take advantage of. So, the best thing you can do is to categorise the all the people you need to notify into:
·         Services & Utilities (water, gas, electricity, tv licensing)
·         Financial (banks, credit cards, council tax, employer, insurance)
·         Health (dentist, doctor & optician)
Motoring (breakdown recovery, DVLA, vehicle registration)