New Builds vs Old Character

North Wales to some can seem the middle of nowhere. The sticks. The end of the road, and a region full of charming oldey-timey people, sheep, and retirement apartments. Yet over the years, North Wales has grown and emerged into a very desirable place to live thanks to multiple reasons. One of which is the fact that developers have had more freedom in North Wales to make relevant, interesting and exciting things – not least new build apartments in Colwyn Bay.

North Wales no longer means “character” properties which are fine and wonderful in your head, but an absolute nightmare to maintain, renovate, improve and heat. The case for new builds within North Wales and beyond is very relevant—old styled buildings may possess a certain type of ye olde age charm, but what’s charm when your wooden window frames are rotting through age? Charm doesn’t mean that much to us when it comes to paying three times what we normally would attempting to stay warm in the middle of winter.

That, and the bygone days of new builds being plastic-feeling and flimsy feeling are more than over. Blue Bay Homes are a stellar example of a developer that produces new builds within highly sought after, desirable locations right on the wonderful North Wales seafront, and their build quality is absolutely fantastic. 

Blue Bay Homes are a developer that doesn’t believe for a second that homes should look alright on the outside and scrimp on quality on the inside, and their Bay View Development within Deganwy is an excellent example of their work. Their new builds are very high-quality, inside and out, and serves as an excellent starting point for their highly-anticipated brand new development on the cliffs overlooking Rhos On Sea, The View.

The View by Blue Bay Homes looks indeed like it’s going to be stellar, and will be a development of 10 truly attractive townhouses and 29 apartments. Apartment and House marries perfectly, and not a single brick looks out of place. And the view. The view is incredible – making the development’s namesake very apt.

Surely of course, homes of this calibre are out of most people’s reach? Wrong. All properties in The View – be them houses or apartments are part of the Welsh Government’s Help to Buy scheme, which allows those looking for a new build home a major leg up to being able to afford initial expense by offering an interest-free (For the first five years) equity loan.