Get Organised for Your Big Move

Moving property and the items from one place to another takes a great deal of organisation, time management and physical strength. Typically you would have a big collection of boxes, fragile items, valuables, heavy furniture and much more. This means hiring a firm from a selection of removal companies in North Wales, the North West or anywhere else in the UK, would be a worthwhile investment for your move.

When it comes to hiring a removals company, price isn't everything. Make sure you get several quotes from various removal companies in your area to be able to compare against one another. This goes for previous customer feedback, the services they can offer and their professionalism.

Always remember to read the fine print on these quotes, as some are subjected to various terms and conditions, but these are not obvious. The last thing you want amongst everything else you have going on during your move is an invoice through the letterbox for an amount much higher than initially expected.

When you are contacting your removal company, you can often be shy of questions to ask, but plan beforehand. Get a list of suitable questions together to hold in front of you, as this way you won’t forget anything. Here are a few to get you started:

-          What level and type of insurance cover is offered?
-          How long has the company been trading and can they supply references?
-          How will you pack and protect my belongings and house?
-          How will the move be carried out? For example, number of days, time of arrival, crew size.
-          What will the security be like if your goods are on a vehicle overnight?
-          Do you have an office or depot I can visit?

It is always best practice to ask as many questions as possible, even when you think you have all the answers you need. Removal companies are in close proximity to your property and all your possessions that you are moving, therefore you want to ensure that you know everything and more about them.

Also remember that starting early is not a bad thing, as you can never be too prepared when it comes to a big move. Take your time finding the right company for you. Gathering a number of quotes from companies can take weeks depending on their schedules, plus they get booked up very quickly.