The Most Expensive Houses in the World

We all dream of a luxury home but some people can actually afford to build theirs from scratch to snap up the elite. Clearly they haven’t invested in concrete pumping in North Wales services as they would have saved themselves a little bit of money!

So, what are the priciest pads in the whole world? There are plenty of contenders so here is a compilation of the top 3 who would have had estate agents rubbing their hands with glee:

3. The Penthouse

Minus points for originality in the naming but that’s one of the only drawbacks to be sniffed at when you take a walk around this decadent flat in Hyde Park, London.

Central London is right in front of you as you gaze out of the picturesque panoramic windows and is quite the sight to behold. Well, that’s kind of to be expected when you fork out $100 million on an apartment.

With its own independent squash room and wine tasting room, this is definitely one for the rich and famous who can also keep away the pesky paparazzi with state of the art security features.

2. Villa Leopolda

The price of The Penthouse looks like spare change when you compare it to how much it would cost you to snap up this mansion in the French Riviera. $506 million, to be exact.

If you have a big family then the nineteen bedrooms at this grand estate should be adequate to house them all. Do you have green fingers? Then try and get a shear in if you can as there are fifty gardeners on hand at all times to help maintain your spacious backyard.

The most expensive mansion in all of Europe is at the top of many property mogul's wishlists.

1.  Antilia

Costing more than Villa Leopolda and The Penthouse combined, this manmade wonder in Mumbai will set you back a cool $1billion.

Strange in shape compared to Western design, this structure almost resembles a tower with many floors dedicated to individual purposes and activities. The original architect harnessed the mantra of “Vastu Shastra” to bring a calming gateway of positivity to the property.

If you’re not feeling some tranquillity then you can unleash in the ballroom, health floor or take the party to the four-story garden.

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